Kevin T. Keith lives in Brooklyn, NY, and has been a resident of Manhattan and Brooklyn for a rather startling 16 years.

He holds an MA in philosophy with a concentration in bioethics, and has been worrying at a PhD in the same field for longer than he cares to admit. [OK, truth be told, that's essentially a moribund project. My utter inability to grapple with the demands of a PhD program has pretty much put the kibosh on dreams of doctoral glory, such as that is. Currently I'm nursing my bitterness and pursuing a project to convince the world that "independent scholar" isn't really a euphemism for "pathetic loser". It's going well, I assure you.]

When not slouching toward academic Gomorrah, he tries to make the most of the carnival that is New York City, but secretly dreams of growing vegetables and raising heirloom chickens on a small plot in some place where the rats race at a much less demanding pace. Great are the comforts of diminishing ambitions.

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