White Papers

Here is a selection of short statements or explanatory papers on topics in ethics and bioethics, taken from my blog Sufficient Scruples:


Here are some essays and short works, mostly unpublished:

Longer Works

Here is part of a chapter I contributed to the anthology Speaking of Death: America's New Sense of Mortality, Michael K. Bartalos, MD (ed.) (© Praeger Press, 2008):

Here is part of a chapter I contributed to the anthology Our Changing Journey to the End: Reshaping Death, Dying, and Grief in America, Christina Staudt, PhD and J. Harold Ellens (eds.) (© Praeger Press, 2014):


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Follow this link for podcasts I have made, on topics related to ethics and scientific skepticism.

Book Reviews

Here are some book reviews, mostly published online:

Progress in Bioethics, by Jonathan D. Moreno and Sam Berger (eds.) (PDF)
On Apology, by Aaron Lazare
A Companion to Genethics, by Justine Burley and John Harris (eds.)
Psychiatric Slavery, by Thomas Szasz
Book reviews at Goodreads.com

Link These Works

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